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Air Conditioning RepairIt gets hot here in Florida. That is probably an understatement. When the temperatures are at their highest during a Florida summer, the last thing you want to deal with is a faulty air conditioner in your vehicle. At Longwood Auto Fix, we want to help you keep from turning into a sweaty mess when you get behind the wheel and that starts with taking advantage of our vehicle air conditioning maintenance and repair services. The cabin of your vehicle isn’t the only place where the temperature matters. It is also important to keep your vehicle cool under the hood with cooling system maintenance and repair.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Service in Longwood, FL

Before the summer months set in, we recommend stopping by Longwood Auto Fix for AC service and a possible recharge. During your air conditioner service appointment, we will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s AC system to check for damage, leaks, or other problems. We will also inspect the level of your refrigerant and perform a recharge if it is low.

This service is the best way to prevent an AC meltdown in the middle of July and it allows us to repair minor issues before they become major problems.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair in Longwood, FL

If your vehicle’s AC is a little lackluster these days, you likely want to have it repaired as soon as possible rather than have to sweat it out. Whatever component of your system is acting up, we are equipped to handle it. Some of the signs that your vehicle’s air conditioner needs to be repaired include:

  • Your Air is Blowing Hot
  • There is a Smell Coming From Your Vents
  • New Noises Coming From Your Air Conditioner
  • Weak Airflow Coming From Your Vents
  • You See Something Leaking From Your Dashboard

Cooling System Repair in Longwood, FL

As important as your comfort and temperature are, the temperature under your hood is even more important. When your engine runs hot and overheats it can lead to serious engine trouble. Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for cycling coolant through your engine to cool it down and then taking that hot coolant away from the engine and cooling it back down so the process can start over again.

If your engine is running hot, it is important to bring your vehicle to Longwood Auto Fix in Longwood, FL as soon as possible. The longer you allow your engine to run hot the more at risk for overheating and failure you put it.

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